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Photo of the Day

Posted July 24, 2016 by Dolf Vermeulen

The fish are undoubtedly getting larger as 'Hogust' approaches. Our guests reeled in 4 tyees today, including two behemoths above 45 pounds!! Pictured here is guide Khoi expertly reviving a 46lb hog for a successful release. Congratulations to Kelsey and Clint on this beauty!

Dolf Vermeulen

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This is Hog Country

Posted July 24, 2016 by Sarah Bauer

Trip Date: July 20-24

Some things are worth travelling across the world for. 

Our new guests Judy and John from New Zealand might agree. They are here experiencing salmon fishing in supernatural Haida Gwaii for the first time, and with massive success. Day 1 had Judy with a 36-pound Chinook onboard with guide Mike O. at Cape Naden. 

"It's my first time salmon fishing," smiled Judy after the great fight. 

"I wasn't expecting to get one THAT big!"

The big ones kept rolling in over the course of the trip, with salmon in the thirty to high-forty pound range enough to confirm we have entered that exciting Hog heavy time of the season. It's Hog Country out there! 

The first of two 47-pound Chinooks came in on Day 1 on the west side of Snake Bay, with guest Dave P. at the reel and guide Butch at his side.

"It ran close to a hundred yards of line on the initial run," commented Butch later that day at weigh-in. 

Butch guided another 47-pound Chinook with angler Doug P. on Day 4, landed  at Parker Point in what Butch describes as an "awesome fight with massive, long runs." 

It was epic battle all over the place, with new guest Kelsey from Kaslo handling the rod on a 46-pound Chinook while her dad Clint cheered her on.  

"It was a battle-and-a-half!" joked guide Khoi on the hour-and-fifteen-minute fight off Green. Kelsey chose to release her spectacular fish back to the waters; "It was good to see it swim away," she said. 

Our anglers, including the lovely, Peregrine-seasoned Page group, enjoyed glassy waters and mild climes all week, lending to the wondrous environment of Haida Gwaii. Wildlife sightings on Day 4 proved most memorable, with a pod of around ten orcas cruising through the grounds, and a jaw-dropping "Hello!" from a humpback who came within a few feet from the shore at Snake Rock. 

More monsters set in on Day 2 and Day 3, including a 37-pound Tyee pulled in by guest Paul P. at Cape Naden with guide Brian, and a 46-pound Chinook played by California return guest Marc at Snake Rock with his pals Tomer and Dustin and guide Dan on board. 

"Beat my previous record by over ten pounds!" commented Marc. 

Guest Stanley D. has a new record to beat next year; his first salmon landed ever - a 36-pound Chinook played at Cape Naden with guide Dimitri. 

When asked for comment on the hair-raising fight, Stanley said:

"Number 1, this is my first trip. Number 2, this was my first salmon. And number 3, I love Dimitri. He's awesome." 

Number 4, it's worth travelling from anywhere for. As Judy says,  "Haida Gwaii is a hidden gem. We will definitely be back!"

Here's to big bites and epic fights - Talk to you soon! 

Sarah Bauer

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Photo of the Day

Posted July 23, 2016 by Dolf Vermeulen

Proud fathers and happy daughters. These girls put on a clinic in catching Salmon today!!

Dolf Vermeulen

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Photo of the Day

Posted July 22, 2016 by Dolf Vermeulen

Page after Page , they do it again!

Dolf Vermeulen

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"It's a Cinderella Story!"

Posted July 20, 2016 by Sarah Bauer

Trip Date: July 17-20

Our new guest Doug had never been to BC prior to his visit this week at Peregrine Lodge. He'd never pulled in a salmon or fished with a rod before. 

But on Day 1, in his words: A 'Cinderella Story' occurred. 

With guide Tyler and friend Thomas at his side, Doug reeled in a beautiful 36-pound Chinook, the second largest of the trip, at Cape Naden. 

"It's all about teamwork," said Doug later on the dock. "Tyler is a great guide and Thomas is a good friend."

"I couldn't have asked for a better guide," he added. 

With a professional guide at your side, it doesn't matter if it's your first or fiftieth time on the ocean; when opportunity strikes the line hard, the play is yours for the taking and your odds are very good. 

Guest Chap A. can attest to that; with guide Brian he pulled in a monstrous 16-pound Coho at "Snarker" between Snake Rock and Parker Point. 

"It hit the bait real hard and then came jumping out of the water," said Chap. 

"I knew it was a big Coho right away. 20-pounds is my biggest Coho ever, but I've never got one this size in July." 

The epic stories kept coming this trip with two more Tyee plays on Day 2, including a 33-pounder brought into the boat by Doug's friend Thomas, again with guide Tyler and again at Cape Naden. 

"We were at Naden and then left for a bit, and when we came back everyone had cleared out," Thomas reflected later. 

"We had it all to ourselves!" 

Over at Green Point, guest Chris B. was at battle with a 30-pound Chinook. 

"It was right at tide change, with fresh bait in the water," recalled guide Mike J. on the dock at weigh-in. 

"We dropped the lines and doubled up right away. First the rigger went off at 68ft.  and then a bigger Chinook hit the weighted rod." 

Keeping on with the monster story theme of this trip, Day 3 saw the largest Spring of all three days, with angler John B. bringing a 37-pound salmon to the boat with guide Steve at Parker Point. 

"We had a fantastic time," said John B. as he relaxed on the dock afterwards. "It was quite hard pulling it in, but we got it!" 

"One hell of a hook set," commented John's son Tom on his dad's skilled play. 

One hell of a trip, too. Can't wait to see what's in store for our newly arrived guests, who have calm seas and beautiful weather to look forward to, as well as those incredible memories awaiting them. 

Here's to big bites and epic fights - talk to you soon! 

Sarah Bauer

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