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Arrival of the Hogs

Posted June 28, 2016 by Dolf Vermeulen

June 22-26

Wow. What a trip.

Just a few days ago I was sitting down with lodge owner Georgia Husby as she reiterated the positive effect that the recent north-westerly winds will have on our fishing grounds. The wind brings colder, bait packed water down from Alaska, which as you may expect, is filled with salmon. "The big ones will come soon” she told me, and she could not have been more right!

Hali fishing has shown no signs of slowing down. Many guests took home large fillets with them when they left, but the largest one of all was released back to our fishing grounds. Veteran guide Rick brought his guests offshore from Shag Rock where another guide, Zoner, just had a monster bite that actually cracked his rod holder. Shortly after arriving they battled a 183cm Halibut to the surface in order to take some measurements, admire the monster, and let it swim freely back to the depths just offshore from Shag Rock. "It was one of the largest I’ve ever seen in person,” said Rick, who also landed a 52 last week.

When it comes to salmon we had many Chinook in the mid-to-high twenty-pound range that were found all over our expansive fishing grounds. Multiple Tyee were also landed throughout the four days including a 35 from Green Point and a 32 from Parker, both on the third day of the trip. 9 year Peregrine fishing guide Dan helped his guests finish in style, releasing a beautiful 34lb from Parker Pt and bringing back a 25 for the weigh in celebrations on day four.

Out of all the gorgeous fish this week none were better than the hog reeled in by Hal, Earl, Elaine, and their guide Sam. They hooked a gigantic 55lb Chinook at Eagle Rock on the far west end of our fishing grounds. The moment Sam called me over the radio I knew it was a good one based on the excitement/distress in is voice. Upon arriving I immediately got a good look at the fish as it flipped 5ft into the air between our two boats.

"Sam looked at us after the first cartwheel and warned us this could be an hour long battle” recalled Hal. His estimate ended up being conservative; the fish was landed an astonishing 3 hours later, a few kilometers away just offshore from Snake Rock. At age 85 Earl K. caught the fish of a lifetime, and had this to say about it: "Hal would hold the rod up while I reeled, and then I would do the same for him when it was his turn. We were both exhausted. There were moments when we would run out of steam but Sam was great, he was very determined and kept motivating us to get it in. It is an experience we will never forget.”

As the photographer I had the pleasure of watching the majority of this amazing battle and seeing the enormous Chinook in person. It was incredible to see its size in comparison to Sam as he finally heaved this thing around the corner of his 24ft Trophy for a quick picture. It took three hours to get the Hog into the boat but only seconds for it to be released as it swiftly disappeared back into the Pacific Ocean for some much deserved rest and relaxation. What an experience for everyone involved!

Now’s your chance to reel in a Hog of your own! Call Bruce at 1-800-663-0992 to experience the surreal fishing grounds of Northern Haida Gwaii yourself.

Best wishes for big fishes!

Dolf Vermeulen

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Hali Heaven

Posted June 22, 2016 by Dolf Vermeulen

June 19 – 22

The second group has officially left after yet another memorable and incredible fishing experience in the beautiful surroundings of Haida Gwaii. Conditions have been spectacular, with relatively dry weather, low winds, beautiful calm waters, and of course, many fish. The salmon are coming in bunches; just ask our expert guide Sam, who helped net a triple header for his three guests just minutes into day 1!

Jeff meant business from the moment he arrived at the lodge, capturing the first two "Catch of the day” honours, including a 30lb Chinook that landed him in the Tyee club. On day three, Dave H. experienced the thrill of reeling in a Tyee of his own and was elated to take home the largest salmon of the trip trophy and honours.

The halibut fishing has continued to be absolutely unbelievable and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Hours before this trip came to an end our senior guide Rick worked in unison with guests Travis and James to reel in a monster 50-pounder! "I thought I had bottom when I initially set the hook” he told me as I drifted by in the photo boat. Everyone was convinced that would be the heaviest Hali of the day, but Khoi’s group had other plans, arriving at weigh-ins with a 56 lb behemoth from Klashwein Point.

The Peregrine experience doesn’t stop after fishing, and our guests are taking full advantage of the luxuries available. Our head Chef Jason has been a magician in the kitchen, creating exquisite meals with the help of his immensely experienced team. Guests also enjoyed the warmth of our brand new fire-pit, the NBA Finals via satellite TV. Our in-house masseuse Lee, has been over- booked since we opened and anyone who has managed to get an appointment with her has been ever so thankful. Celebrations at the end of a great day of fishing continue to be a hit. Every angler has the opportunity to boasting rights as we hang their fish on the Peregrine scale, and what could be greater than the sounds of cheers from great friends and business associates.

The 2016 season has been off to a fantastic start and the team up here can’t wait for you to arrive and get you hooked up. We hope to see you soon for your trip of a lifetime!

Cheers to beverage crammin’ and gigantic salmon!

Dolf Vermeulen

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Good Company

Posted June 20, 2016 by Dolf Vermeulen

Trip Dates: June 16th - June 19th

Opening week at Peregrine Lodge was one filled with diversity, excitement, experiences, and of course, fish! Right from the get go we had two people join the Tyee club on day one of the 2016 season with their matching 31lb Chinooks. Not to be outdone, Don managed to wrestle in a 48lb halibut, the heaviest fish of the group, although there were multiple others weighing in over 40lbs.

During day two guests enjoyed their fantastic salmon fishing experience with the company of an enormous pod of Orcas. The group of Killer Whales was estimated to be well over 30, and put on a fantastic show as they made their way through our fishing grounds. In the end the day was dubbed ‘national geographic day’, with eagles, sea lions, black bears, humpback whales, and orcas being spotted on the mystical fishing grounds of Northern Haida Gwaii. It was a humbling experience for all guests, guides, and myself included! This once in a lifetime sight-seeing experience was a nice addition to the heaps of fish that were brought back to the dock for weigh-ins.

Halibut fishing was very active throughout the trip, especially on day three! One of our newly acquired guides Max can attest to that, who hooked up two on one line, and was able to bring both into the boat. This occurrence happened at Hali-Hill, but the flounder fish was seen all across our fishing grounds. "Fish’n’chips for all!” exclaimed our assistant manager Jon.

The first trip of the 2016 season finished strong, especially at local hot spots Klash and Green Point, which provided the majority of larger fish on day 4. Expert guiding, top of the line equipment, and of course prime fishing grounds, provided to make a memorable and exciting first week at Peregrine Lodge.

There are only a handful of trips left so phone Bruce at 1-800-663-0992 and reserve your trip of a lifetime now!

Tight lines, bent rods, and large smiles! Hope to see you soon.


Dolf Vermeulen

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Letter from the President

Posted October 6, 2015 by Georgia Husby

2015 will long be remembered for the incredible runs of salmon, the addition of the new dock weigh-in program, stunning weather and so many smiling faces. From the time Peregrine Lodge opened we were full to the brim on every trip- an incredibly successful year for both the company and especially the amazing angling encountered by our guests. June fishing was second to none for the hefty numbers of salmon and some boats were bragging that they were catching forty plus fish a day! The resident massage therapist was kept extremely busy relieving a few achy arms after a busy day of superb fishing.

  With such an overwhelming abundance of sea life in our waters beginning with the salmon, halibut, needlefish, soaring eagles to the stunning backdrop of humpbacks breaching and bubble feeding within a few feet of the boats, the fishing grounds were like a page torn from National Geographic magazine.  

Throughout the season and trip after trip guests were returning at the end of the day with overflowing fish tubs. The copious amounts of salmon and halibut being caught were not only a testament to our anglers skill-set but also the larger runs of salmon and halibut that were running right past our front door. Naden was the hot spot for the entire season, and I have never witnessed in my 27 seasons of fishing the Haida Gwaii extracting this voluminous amount of tyees.  

The "Winner Takes All Pool” was a huge hit and addition to our daily pool and so many of our guests were eager to have the opportunity to win a trip to Peregrine lodge. The excitement each trip was revving up and you could feel the competition building throughout the season. I would like to congratulate Jon Toigo for his superb angling skills and for taking it all.  

We had a mere thirty days prior to opening to ready the new dock facility and I must commend everyone involved in this project for making sure that this new addition was met with success. With plenty of enthusiasm by all the employees we were able to complete the hundreds of smaller details that make the weigh-in celebrations perfect to reap the rewards after a hardy day of fishing.  
It was definitely a year of projects for Peregrine, including the new fish pack building and facility, the new dock weigh-in building and program, combined with the purchase of new furniture and  the addition of more games in the sports lounge. The lodge was also freshened with new carpet installed throughout the premises. Our guest services department also stepped it up a notch with our guests left thankful for the steamy hot cloths on boat arrival and the cashmere hot water bottles to tuck up with at night.  

We are already extremely busy with sales, projects and a few impressive renovations under tow at the lodge for the 2016 season, and a few surprises too! I am always eager to welcome all of you, both guests and employees, back for another spectacular season of fishing and adventure to a place we all call home.     Tight lines and bent rods always,

 " …arrive as our guests, leave as family.”

Georgia Husby

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Just get me to the scale on time...

Posted August 19, 2015 by Georgia Husby

Trip Date : August 9-12  

The weather continues to be impressive this summer as we welcomed another very excited group of anglers to Peregrine Lodge. Day one did not disappoint Nikki as she hooked into a 40-pound King at Snake Bay with guide Cody. This gal had no problem battling with her catch and could hardly wait to get to the weigh-in celebrations.  

The lodge was boisterous during the evenings as Alana H. celebrated her birthday with family and friends. Many of her guests were newcomers to the sport of fishing and our exceptional fishing grounds did not disappoint. This trip was postcard perfect for memories of a birthday vacation well spent. Many of our guests had never experienced the humpbacks breeching so close to their fishing rods or the thrill of a battling salmon.

On the second day of the trip, a hefty run of springs lit up the fishing grounds and one boat boasted by playing over twenty fish! The champion of the day was Colby who masterfully landed a whopping 47-pound King salmon.

The boats left early with their guests to enjoy the last few hours of fishing on the last day and the weather enabled the ultimate fishing conditions so many of the guests adventured to "Halibut Hill "to complete their wish list for their boxes to go home.

The nightly awards ceremonies was active with good cheer among this group of close knit friends. We congratulate those who are the newest members of our Tyee Club.  

The northwest is expected to blow gently through our fishing grounds, and we are expecting the next trip to enjoy playing even more of these incredible sized salmon runs.  

Until next time, Tight lines, bent rods and big smiles!


Georgia Husby

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