Freshwater Catch and Release

Peregrine Lodge is home to some of the best fishing on the west coast. Experience some of the most thrilling catch and release BC fishing in our local rivers and streams.

Our unique location positions us along the migratory route where millions of mature salmon swim to spawn in the nearby rivers of the Pacific coast. The waters are populated with salmon averaging over 30 pounds!

In addition, guests have the opportunity to experience freshwater fishing in the rivers, lakes and streams of Haida Gwaii. The unique and thrilling fishing experience is what adventurers from around the world seek!

At Peregrine Lodge, we are proud to support and promote fish conservation of our province. Freshwater fishing is strictly catch and release, but we also encourage guest to take home only the amount of saltwater fish they expect to consume.

The Fish of Peregrine Lodge

Our fishing grounds are filled with salmon averaging 25- 30 pounds with a number over 50 pound caught by Peregrine Lodge guests each year! Below are the freshwater fish species that can be found in the waters of Peregrine Lodge:

Coho salmon – Highly prized catches in BC because of their delectable meat

Pink salmon – The easiest species to catch and the smallest of the BC salmon species

Steelhead trout– Although they aren’t as abundant as salmon, their moody behavior creates a challenging fishing opportunity for anglers.

Rainbow trout – They range from 1 to 10 pounds and their aggressive feeding and strong fighting characteristics make them an enjoyable species to catch.

Dolly Varden trout – They are strong fighters and an aggressive fish that live up to eight years.

Cutthroat trout – Their constant search for food means that they are constantly on the move. They can grow from 5 to 6 pounds and reach in sizes over 20 inches.

Catch and Release Meaning

Catch and release fishing is a recreational form of fishing where the captured fish are immediately unhooked and released back into their natural environment unharmed. Catch and release is considered a conservation strategy to maintain the principles of recreational fisheries.

By releasing salmon back into the ocean, we are helping their genetic traits to be passed on to the future generations. In return, we are keeping our waters filled with various species of fish for future anglers.

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There are many benefits to catch and release BC fishing, conservation being the top benefit. By releasing the fish after catching them, British Columbia’s fish population and the ecosystem benefits greatly.

Giving fish the opportunity to survive and reproduce helps to preserve the ecological balance of British Columbia’s natural environment as well as the beautiful body of water surrounding Haida Gwaii.

The decision for a guest to catch and release a chinook salmon over 30 pounds is left up to the individual with no pressure from Peregrine Lodge. It is merely a suggested action to keep the larger salmon genetics from dying out. By releasing the larger chinook, we help populate our waters with these incredible trophy fish for future generations to fight and enjoy.

Fully-guided Catch & Release Fishing

By following Peregrine Lodge’s catch & release guidelines, our guests can increase the likelihood of the survival of their sport-caught salmon. At Peregrine Lodge, all of our fishing is fully-guided, meaning one of our professional guides will always be on-board with you.

Our guides will teach you the proper methods of catch and release fishing to ensure that any fish you wish to release, is done so safely and properly to improve its chance of survival.

Catch and Release Fishing License

A valid fishing license is required before your trip to Peregrine Lodge.  They can be purchased online and must be printed. Your fishing license must be carried with you at all times while you are fishing and traveling home with your catch. For more information about fish license, check out the Government of Canada’s website

The Boats of Peregrine Lodge

At Peregrine Lodge, guests have a variety of boats to choose from, each with their own distinguishable features but all ideal for the waters of the North Pacific.

Each of our boats are equipped with outstanding fishing equipment including fish finders and downriggers.

Our 17’ Boston Whaler Montauk Boat is included in our packages and it can work for any intimate fishing experience, with GPS and a fish finder included as well.

There is also the option to upgrade to one of our larger boats that include amenities such as an on-board washroom facility.

The following boats are available for upgrade:

  • 24’ Trophy and 24’ Edgewater that can accommodate 2-3 guests
  • 26’ Pursuit that can accommodate 2-3 guests
  • 29’ Tiara that can accommodate up to 4 guests

Our support vessel is on standby during the day for the safety and comfort of our guests. The support vessel captain monitors the weather and is also our photographer!

Why Peregrine Lodge?

Our lodge is surrounded by the most beautiful wildlife and ocean views in all of British Columbia. Fishing at Peregrine Lodge is an experience like no other, therefore we want to ensure that we are doing our part when it comes to protecting the environment. Catch and release BC fishing is great for conserving the resources that many of us take for granted.

Our unique fishing location matched with outstanding hospitality and comfortable accomodation makes us the premiere fishing lodge in Haida Gwaii for catch and release BC fishing. Peregrine Lodge is an all-inclusive fishing lodge, meaning everything from the alcohol* you consume to fishing equipment provided is included in the price of the trip.

*top shelf spirits are extra

Highlights of our 2019 package include:

  • Private chartered flight from Vancouver to Masset
  • Scenic flight from Masset directly to Peregrine Lodge via Sikorsky S76 helicopter
  • Double occupancy accommodations
  • World class fully-guided fishing
  • Gourmet meals including snacks and appetizers daily
  • Alcoholic (standard highballs) and non-alcoholic drinks included
  • Complimentary wine served with dinner
  • Customized fishing equipment and all-weather gear
  • Your catch cleaned, flash frozen, vacuum sealed and packaged for your flight home
  • Boston Whaler Montauk boat and boats available for upgrade
  • Optional fly fishing at local estuaries
  • Amenities such as sports lounge, gym, hot tub, outdoor fire pit and pitch and putt golf
  • Complimentary WiFi and long-distance calls within North America
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