Catch & Release Fishing

Peregrine Lodge is uniquely positioned in that many different types of salmon travel to the waters of Naden Harbour each summer.

Our fishing grounds are home to five different types of salmon:

Chinook (King)

Coho (Silver)




In addition to the variety of salmon available to anglers, Haida Gwaii’s northern waters are also home to record-sized halibut, Ling Cod, Rock Cod, and sea bass.

We encourage each of our guests to only keep what they know they will consume. Catch & release is optional for all saltwater fishing.

Saltwater Fishing at Peregrine Lodge

Peregrine Lodge has always been a proud promoter of environmental conservation. We encourage each of our guests to take home only the amount of fish that they expect to consume and to carefully practice proper catch and release techniques.

After all, there is no better experience than reeling in your dream trophy salmon or halibut, capturing it all on camera, and then safely releasing the fish back into the ocean!

Fish Facts

Did you know that if you follow proper catch & release guidelines, sport-caught salmon that have been released back into the water have a survival rate greater than 85%? With your fully guided fishing experience, we will teach you the proper and safe way to successfully release any fish you catch back into the ocean.

Many types of salmon, including Chinook, which are over fifty pounds can be anywhere from five to eight years old. These older and larger fish ignore their instincts and do not return to their natal streams to spawn during their fourth winter. By releasing these fish back into the ocean, we are encouraging their genetic traits to be passed on to future generations keeping our waters swimming with big fish for years to come!

Although optional for saltwater fishing, catch & release is one way to help ensure the survival of fish and allow young fish to mature and spawn to reach a much larger size before harvesting.

The Boats

At Peregrine Lodge, we are proud to offer our guests a higher standard in fishing boats. We equip and maintain our boats for optimal performance to ensure both the safety and comfort of our guests.

While the ocean off the North coast of Haida Gwaii is most often gentle, occasionally the tide turns. During these more inclement times, our fleet offers stable platforms to shield you from the elements.

Each of our top performing vessels is uniquely designed for comfort and safety while being outfitted with state of the art equipment to enhance your overall fishing experience.

Your Guide Is Here for You

Our guides are here to maximize your fishing opportunities. Whether you need help reeling in a huge halibut or want to know the proper procedure for safely releasing a fish into the water, our professional guides will assist you every step of the way.

Each of our professional guides are well-chosen, licensed and have the experience to ensure that your fishing trip will not only be a success but a trip of a lifetime.

Please remember that catch and release is a personal choice. As part of your all-inclusive fishing package, all of the fish that you retain are professionally cleaned and vacuum sealed and packaged for your flight home.

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