Guided Fishing BC

British Columbia offers some of the best salmon and halibut fishing in the world. Guided fishing in BC is a great way to ensure a successful fishing trip each time. No matter what level of angler you are, a guided fishing trip is the fishing trip of a lifetime!

Peregrine Lodge is a fully-guided fishing lodge in Naden Harbor, Haida Gwaii. Haida Gwaii offers some of the best salmon and halibut fishing in the world.

We understand that fishing isn’t just about the catch, but also about the experience. Our fully-guided fishing trips are a fishing experience like no other. Our professional guides, top of the line fleet and customer service makes us the premier fishing lodge in Haida Gwaii.

What to Expect on a Guided Fishing Trip

Professional guides are on board to enhance your fishing experience by calculating tide times and behavioral patterns that will optimize your chances of catching a prize salmon or halibut. Our guides are experienced and knowledgeable, ensuring you have a safe and successful day on the water.

Our guides are trained in the waters of Haida Gwaii and are familiar with the routes, weather and best fishing spots. Your professional guide will bring you to the most fertile fishing grounds of Haida Gwaii, meaning less time is spent finding the fish and more time is spent reeling them in.

Our fully trained guides understand the behavior of the native fish species of Haida Gwaii and will teach you the best techniques for each species. At Peregrine Lodge, we like to say that the fish is king and our guides embody this philosophy with each fishing charter they embark on.

Peregrine Guided Fishing

Our guides at Peregrine Lodge are carefully chosen, licensed and experienced. Our professional guides will lead you to fertile fishing grounds to catch the fish of your dreams and ensure that every trip is a success!

With 10 hours of guided fishing each day, a fully-guided fishing trip on the waters of Haida Gwaii will yield majestic salmon, halibut, cod and more! While on the waters, enjoy a fresh hand-made lunch prepared by our chefs to keep you energized. Our guides know the waters of Haida Gwaii in-and-out, ensuring that you’ll have the greatest opportunity to catch the fish of your dreams.

The guides at Peregrine Lodge are not only here to help you maximize your fishing opportunity, they ensure that all those on board are safe at all times. Feel at peace knowing that you’re in the hands of our certified guides.

We encourage our guests to take home the amount of fish they expect to consume. At Peregrine Lodge, environmental conservation is important to us. We are proud promoters of catch and release fishing of both saltwater and freshwater fish. Freshwater fishing is strictly catch and release. Our guides will teach you to catch and release fish the right way. They will ensure that your release has the greatest chance of survival after swimming away to spawn.

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Fish of BC

Haida Gwaii is home to various indigenous saltwater and freshwater species including:

  • Chinook Salmon – Also known as King or Spring salmon because of their big size. Their high oil content makes them one of the best tasting salmon.
  • Coho Salmon – Prized in BC for its delicious rich meat. They provide a great challenge for anglers due to their aggressive and moody behavior.
  • Pink Salmon – Out of the BC salmon species, they are the smallest. They have large runs and provide anglers with consistent sport fishing.
  • Chum Salmon – Also known as Dog or Keta salmon, Chum salmon have a silvery blue-green skin. When they move into fresh water, they change to a dark olive green colour.
  • Sockeye Salmon – Also known as Red salmon, Kokanee salmon or Blueback salmon. Sockeye salmon are mainly red in hue during spawning.
  • Pacific Halibut – Are usually around 10 to 50 pounds but can grow up to more than 400 pounds. They provide a mild, sweet taste and have a firm texture and few bones. Halibut fishing takes patience, but there feeling you get from catching a Pacific halibut is like no other.
  • Lingcod – They can reach up to 130 pounds and 60 inches in size. Lingcod are prized by anglers because they are a popular eating fish.
  • Rock Cod – Are yellow-grey to red-brown in colour. Rock cod have white fin margins and may grow up to 50 cm in length.
  • Yelloweye – They are one of the world’s longest-lived fish. They change in colour as they grow older from reddish to bright orange.

Our Fleet

We have consistently provided the industry’s best fleet to ensure the comfort and safety of our guests during their guided fishing trip. We maintain our boats for optimum boat performance.

Each of our boats are equipped with fish finders, superior fishing equipment and downriggers.

17’ Boston Whaler Montauk – included in your package price andideal for North Pacific waters. Seats 2 guests.

24’ Edgewater Upgrade – optional upgrade- offers 360 degree walk around capability and has on board bathroom facility.

24’ Bayliner Trophy Upgrade– optional upgrade- Seats 2-3 guests and offers on board bathroom facility.

29’ Tiara– optional upgrade- ideal for large groups and families up to 4. Relax in comfort with cabin amenities and washroom facilities.

26’ Pursuit Denali – optional upgrade- offer greater comfort and seats 2-3 guests. These boats are guided by Jorgen Anderson.

27’ Pursuit Denali – optional upgrade- offer greater comfort and seats 2-3 guests. These boats are guided by Brian Whaley.

The ocean off the north coast of Haida Gwaii is most often gentle, but occasionally the wind picks up and the tides change. During these rocky times, our fleet offers stable platforms to shield guests from the elements.

What You Get in Our Guided Fishing Packages

We offer 4 or 5-day fully-guided fishing trips that are all-inclusive. Each day of your trip includes 10 hours of fishing (7 ½ hours on the day of departure.) Highlights of our packages include:

  • Chartered flight from Vancouver to Masset
  • Helicopter flight from Masset to Peregrine Lodge via Sikorsky S76
  • Double occupancy accommodation
  • Gourmet meals and alcohol (standard highballs) and non-alcoholic beverages included
  • Complimentary wine with dinner
  • Custom fishing equipment and all-weather gear
  • Fish cleaning, flash frozen, vacuum sealed and packaged for the flight home
  • Boston Whaler Montauk boat (optional upgrades for larger boat available)
  • Sports lounge, gym, outdoor fire pit, hot tub and pitch and putt golf after a days’ worth of fishing
  • Wifi and long-distance calls within North America complimentary

Why Peregrine Lodge?

We are committed to providing the highest standard of customer service for all our guests. From your guided fishing trip, to your luxury accommodation, we strive to make each aspect of your trip at Peregrine Lodge memorable.

As one of Haida Gwaii’s first fishing lodges, we have been providing guided fishing trips for over 30 years. Peregrine Lodge is one of Haida Gwaii’s only all-inclusive fishing lodges.

We take care of all the details, so you can focus on guided fishing! We make sure that your stay at Peregrine Lodge is an adventure you’ll never forget.

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