Pacific Halibut Fishing

These flat, diamond-shaped bottom-dwellers are commonly found within the northern waters. This species of fish is usually close to the ocean floor but will occasionally move back and forth between the different depths of water to pursue bait fish. Halibut have a blotchy olive and brownish color, which helps them to blend in with the sandy colored seafloor. On average, halibut tend to weigh between 10 and 50 pounds, but they can grow up to more than 400 pounds.

Pacific halibut are among the most popularly caught fish by recreational and commercial fishermen, since they have a firm texture with very few bones compared to other species.


The beautiful Pacific waters are the optimal destination for great halibut fishing. Peregrine Lodge is home to the most beautiful waters, filled with Pacific halibut for you to catch! The fishing experience at our lodge is likely one that you will not get anywhere else. The lodge is located in Haida Gwaii, which features breathtaking landscapes and unique climates. Experience the most beautiful scenery with wildlife in close proximity. Our 10 hours of fully-guided BC Halibut fishing will surely be a lasting memory for you.

Pacific halibut reside on the ocean bottom, at depths that can reach up to to 1000 meters. They are found across the continental shelf, lying on their blind side with both eyes facing the open water. Adults will swim further out while the younger Halibut will remain close to the shore.

Pacific Halibut

Halibut are unique in that they will take on the color of the bottom of the ocean, moving from grey to brown and even in some cases, black. Their upper side is mottled with numerous spots while their underside is much lighter with a white or off-white tone. Halibut have large mouths with pointed teeth.

Their lateral line becomes curved close to their pectoral fin. The dorsal fin goes all the way from their eyes to the base of their broad yet balanced square tails. This species of fish will eat many different types of medium-sized fishes and invertebrates. By devouring shrimp and crabs, their flavor profile becomes complexified and their muscles become more toned.

Pacific Halibut Growth and Movement

Pacific halibut typically have a compressed and elongated body, which they can extend to up to 9 feet and weigh as much as 500 pounds. Pacific halibut tend to be larger and more active, which helps them to ward off predators. Female halibut tend to grow at quicker speeds and will likely become larger in size and live longer than their male counterparts.

Since they are flattened laterally and both of their eyes are on the same side of their heads, Pacific halibut swim sideways. As a result of the Pacific Halibut’s size, disposition and tendency to be bottom-dwellers, halibut fishing requires certain strategies and tactics, as well as equipment.

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Techniques for Pacific Halibut Fishing

Fishing for halibut requires technique, as these bottom-dwellers are unique in size and disposition. With shallow waters near the coast, halibut tend to utilize their sight and sound to find their food whereas in deeper waters, they focus primarily on their sense of smell. To attract halibut, you want your bait to build a thick scent trail to lure them in from afar. This can be done several ways, the main solutions being fresh or freshly frozen bait, artificial scents, or a mix between the two.

The most optimal bait tends to be cut plug herring, Pacific geoduck clams, and salmon bellies. Since you are producing this scent trail, be very cautious about anchoring. It is advised that you stay in one spot throughout as the bait and chum will take some time to attract the halibut.

With Peregrine Lodge, fishing is fully-guided, meaning that you will always be accompanied by a professional guide so that you can get the most out of your fishing experience. You will learn more about fishing when you come to Peregrine Lodge, where our knowledgeable experts will assist and inform you of Pacific halibut fishing techniques and tips.

Pacific Halibut Fish Processing

At Peregrine Lodge, you are free to take home the halibut that you catch. With our all-inclusive fishing packages, your fish will be professionally filleted, vacuum packed, and sealed to take home. Additional services include steaking, canning, and smoking your fish through St. Jean’s Cannery.

Fresh (Well-iced, fresh halibut is good for approximately two weeks)

  • Fletches
  • Head and Guts
  • Portions

Frozen (or Refreshed) (Vacuum sealed, frozen halibut can last you up to a year if it’s stored at -5 to -15 °F)

  • Fletches
  • Head and Guts
  • Portions
  • Steaks

Cooking Pacific Halibut

Pacific halibut tastes best when cooked using dry methods such as pan frying, baking, or grilling. This species of fish is widely revered for its versatile cookability, with mild yet rich flavor and a flaky texture. In addition to rarely having any bones, it is a great source of protein and minerals, while low in fat, calories and sodium.

Pacific halibut are highly admired and prized for their delicious, succulent and firm white meat, which is why they are commonly targeted by sport and commercial fishermen. As they are widely popular catches, which in turn supports large commercial fisheries, you will likely find Pacific Halibut on the menu at several gourmet restaurants, because it is considered a premier fish.

Fish Licensing

Before you come to Peregrine Lodge, please ensure that you have registered for and printed your fishing license. In accordance to the Government of Canada, there are regulations in place for sports fishing in the Pacific Ocean. Guests can purchase their fishing licenses online, print it and then bring it with them to the lodge. It is required by law that you have your license while fishing and when you are transporting your catch home, so make sure that you have it with you at all times.

Additional information regarding sports fishing regulations in British Columbia can be found on the Government of Canada’s website.

Why Peregrine Lodge?

Our lodge is surrounded by the most beautiful wildlife and ocean views in all of British Columbia. Fishing at Peregrine Lodge is an experience that people dream of. The breathtaking sounds and accompanying nature are the perfect backdrop for a fishing experience.

At Peregrine Lodge we aim to please our guests with the best vacation experience. Our trained staff will tend to your every need so that your stay is as peaceful and enjoyable as possible.

Our services are very inclusive so expect that when you come to Peregrine Lodge, you will truly be looked after, from the meals we provide, to the amenities we offer, all the way to the entire fishing experience, are all included in your trip costs.

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