1 Tyee, 2 Tyee, Ahh Ahh Ahh

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Our July 25-29 trip was only missing one person, Mr. Lee Ermey, a favorite longtime Peregrine Lodge guest who was remembered and honoured by his fellow sportfishermen with a framed portrait presented to the owner to hang in our lounge. Thank you for the kind gift it will be displayed with pride. The fishing adventures started without a delay and finished with Cecil reaching his maximum allotted amount of Salmon.

Day 1 was blustery and getting out to the fishing grounds was a bit nautical, but totally fishable at the usually fishing holes. Kevin caught the biggest Salmon of the day with a 25 pound Chinook, that he took home, guided by Billy. Don came in with the second largest Chinook at 23 pounds. The notable catch and release on the first day was the 70 pound halibut caught by Craig.

The biggest Chinook on Day 2 was a Tyee caught by Xu. He and our Guide Kai baited a 39 pound Chinook onto their Salmon rod off of Cape Naden. They¬†fought it for 45 minutes before bringing it onboard. After they measured it and photographed their new crew member Kai released it back into its Haida Gwaii waters. The Tyee was Xu’s first and made him a new Tyee Club member! Bin landed a 25 pound Chinook guided by Max. James caught a 24 pound Chinook with his Guide Jorge. Jianqing reeled in a 23 pound Chinook, also guided by Kai. Bin and Jianqing kept their catch and will be having fresh caught Salmon at home. Keith G. was guided by Greg and caught a 22 pound Chinook to take home. Marcus, Mike, David S., Cary and Kevin each caught 20 pounders and retained them to take home.

Day 3 was another great day for playing and catching really healthy mid 20 pound Chinooks. Don wrangled the largest of the day with his Guide Jake, a 28 pound torpedo. David S. caught and kept a 25 pound and a 24 pound Chinook also being guided by Jake. Gary C. and Kevin K. guided by Billy and Brian made the grade with 24 pound Chinook to have and to hold. Dallen guided by Greg and Dan guided by Neil each took home 23 pound Chinook. Bruce, Dianne and Keith B. all claimed 22 pound Chinook for themselves. Bruce guided by Craig B, Dianne by jake and Keith by Steve. Dianne also caught and took home a 21 pound chinook along with Alan who Jorgen guided.

Day 4 was another Tyee day and induction to the Tyee club. Deb caught and claimed her 31 pound Tyee guided by Rick on the water off of Snake Rock. Kim brought home her 22 pound Chinook she caught with her Guide Steve. Jorge guided Craig onto a 21 pound Chinook for keeps, and they caught and released a six foot long Halibut! David G. and Jianqing each caught 20 pound Chinook save Jianqing who got two. Dave with Guide Neil, Jianqing with Guide Max.

It was another amazing adventure and we were more than happy to show off our operation on this 30th anniversary. We are proud to have been able to serve our Nova Scotia and British Columbia guests as well as our USA friends from Utah, Minnesota, California, and Washington. What a great group you all are, thanks for celebrating with us here in Haida Gwaii. When you come back we will add to the stories and make history again.

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