30 Years Anniversary Goes On

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August 12-15

On this trip Peregrine Lodge hosted a 3 day fishing adventure for a special private group from Texas and an equally special group of 32 corporate guests from USA and Canada. The weather was seasonable for the northern Haida Gwaii Islands during the trip with wind 8 knots gusting to 18 knots on the third day. Four guests caught their allotted limit of Salmon, all of whom were on the private trip headed by Sheldon and Ronald. Also, there were three Tyee caught in three days! Our guides and guests fished the best Chinook Salmon grounds from Cape Naden west to Green Point. The fishing hole at Snake Rock was very busy as boats tacked along the east side of Snake and into the bay as sportsman and woman landed or trolled for the coveted Tyee Chinook. The fishing around Parker Point was also popular and many Chinook were angled there on this trip. Halibut was being caught while Salmon fishing, but mainly caught offshore jigging at spots like Halibut Hill with natural ocean floor structure. Coho Salmon was found east of Klashwun and off of Shag Rock. The odd Coho was reeled in closer to shore too. Among the other species of fish caught were Sole, Chum Salmon, Pink Salmon and Cod. This is a special place, and for all of our guests to Peregrine Lodge its not only the fishing they enjoy. The best food coupled with many great amenities makes the best fishing around even better.

Sheldon is from Texas and he and Ronald are frequent guests to Peregrine Lodge. This was Sheldon’s sixth trip to Peregrine. Sheldon and Ronald were joined by David K and David W. They fished from Trophy and Pursuit boats guided by Brian and Dave W. On days 1 and 2 Sheldon caught a 27 pound Chinook guided by Dave W on day 1 and Brian on day 2. Sheldon shared the biggest Chinook of the day prize on 2 with his 27 pounder. On day 2 Sheldon released a 14 pound Chinook and kept a 22 pound Chinook. Ronald caught a 25 pound Chinook guided by Brian on day 2. All of the guys caught their limit of Salmon this trip. In addition to tubbing out on Salmon they all retained a Halibut, Sheldon kept two.

Patrick Lumber and J&G group numbered 32 guests total. They were guided by Jorgen, Jake, Steve, Mike C, Butcher, Craig A, Dave j, Craig B, Max, Ryan, Billy, Whitt, Mike O, Greg, Cody, Rick, and Glenn guided his own charter on a Edgewater boat. The group fished on Edgewater, Pursuit, and Trophy boats. On day 1 Stan released two twelve pound Chinook guided by Jorgen. John caught and kept a 20 pound Chinook guided by Rick. Tom was guided by Jorgen on day 1 and kept a 23 pound Chinook. Cam caught the winning catch of the day on day 1 with his first Salmon he ever caught which was a 30 pound Tyee that he kept, he was guided by Dave J. Dave M caught and took home a 27 pound Chinook guided by Max. Natalie caught her 23 pound Chinook guided by Craig B, she took it home too. Kalayna kept both her 21 and 28 pound Chinook she caught being guided by Jake on the first day. James kept his 21 pound Chinook that he caught guided by Rick. Glenn caught a 21 pound Chinook on his boat. Mark J was guided by Cody and retained his 20 pound Chinook. Martin caught a 27 pound Chinook he and Guide Mike C caught and retained. Pat landed a 28 pound Chinook caught and took home guided by Butcher. Mike F caught a 22 pound Chinook guided by Greg that he too took home. Steve was guided by Dave J and caught his 21 pounder that he kept. Ulli caught a 27 and 29 pound Chinook guided by Jake that he retained to take home.

On day 2 Reece caught a 23 pound Chinook that he kept guided by Max. Drew kept his 27 pound Chinook he and Guide Craig B landed on day 2. Dave M made the Tyee catch of the day winning the biggest Chinook award for the day and the biggest Chinook of the trip with his 33 pounder he retained guided by Greg. Kalayna caught her third Chinook of the trip with Guide Butcher and retained her 20 pound Chinook on day 2. Dave C kept a 25 pound Chinook that he took home guided by Dave J. Jack caught his 22 pound Chinook being guided by Jake on day 2. James caught another 21 pound Chinook on day 2 that he also kept guided by Whit. Jeff B fished his 25 pound Chinook that he took home guided by Billy on day 2. Mark J and Guide Jorgen caught a 21 pound Chinook that they kept on the boat and mark took home. Whit guided Dave H to a 23 pound Chinook that Dave wanted to keep. Pat caught his second Chinook on day 2 which weighed in at 22 pounds, he was guided by Rick. Mike F caught a 24 pound keeper guided by Greg. Brad had a 20 pound Chinook on his line that he landed and kept being guided by Dave J. Ulli caught his third chinook of the trip on day 2 which was a 21 pound Chinook he caught and kept guided by Craig A.

On day 3 Paul was guided by Steve and weighed in a 23 pound Chinook that limited him out on Chinook Salmon for the trip. Glenn caught and kept the winning Chinook of the day that was weighed in at the Tyee weight of 30 pounds. Jeff H caught his fourth Chinook of the trip and a 25 pounder at that, guided by Mike C. Kalayna caught a 20 lb Halibut that was released by guide Butcher on day 3. Cole kept the 22 pound Chinook he caught being guided by Ryan, Chris was being guided by Steve when he caught his 20 pound Chinook that he retained and took home and limited out on Chinook for the trip. Cam caught a 21 pound Chinook, guided by Ryan, making it three Chinook total for him this trip. John caught a 28 pound Chinook that he kept to finish off the trip being guided by Glenn.

This trip truly honored Peregrine Lodge and we are happy to have facilitated bucket list item fulfillment for some of our guests. Our return guests realize that they were at first eager to check off Haida Gwaii sportfishing too, thank you for sharing the passion again and again. A lifetime achievement is not taken lightly up here. Sportfishing was on full display and the fishing grounds did not disappoint. Sharing our 30th anniversary year has made Peregrine Lodge proud and we await your return. Until then, keep the rod tip up and let it run.


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