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For the July 22-25 trip Peregrine Lodge welcomed some returning guests in the group that have been here 13, 10, 5, and 2 times before. For the new and old guests we were honored to share our 30th anniversary, under the same ownership, and to have another opportunity to spoil them with great food and signature hospitality. The natural wonders of northern Haida Gwaii and the Dixon Entrance fishing grounds are providing a special place for friends and family to partake in amazing fishing expeditions and relax when at the lodge. The mini golf, sports lounge, massage, fire pit, and hot tub allow for R & R as well as fun and entertainment while not fishing. Speaking of fishing, Kevin caught his maximum allowable Salmon this trip along with two Halibut and two Seabass.

On day 1 the weather was normal for the season with westerly winds 18-21 knots and waves around 1 meter. The morning clouds subsided in the afternoon letting the group warm up in the sun too temperatures reaching 19 degrees. Day 1 was a big fish day and Shanel got what Guide Mike wanted him to experience. After first catching a 23 pound Chinook Shanel hooked into a 34 pound Tyee that had his Islander reel spinning so fast he ended up breaking the reel and the fishing rod before successfully boating the hog onto an Edgewater boat. “Now that’s what I wanted you to experience”, Mike told Shanel as they regrouped, letting it all soak in. At the dock weigh-in Shanel’s Tyee was the Catch Of The Day. Shanel also kept the Coho he caught. Mike was also guiding David who caught and took home a 24 and a 20 pound Chinook, one Coho and one Halibut. Yong and Thomas K. guided by our Guide Emerson caught three Chinook and two halibut total from a Trophy boat. Thomas’s Chinook were 27 and 21 pounds which he kept to take home along with one Halibut. Yong took home a 21 pound Chinook and one Halibut. Thomas H. and John H. caught and retained two Chinook and five Coho guided by Steve on a Tiara boat. The largest Chinook caught on the Tiara was by Thomas H. at 26 pounds and John’s was 24 pounds. Kevin, whom managed to fill his Salmon quota, was guided by Craig B. on day 1 and started with a 20 pound Chinook, two Coho, one Halibut and a Sole.

On day 2 David and Robert T. shared the Catch Of The Day with matching 27 pound Chinook Salmon. Robert T. and Nicholas fished from and Edgewater guided by Billy. Robert T. added to his 27 pound Chinook with one Coho and his nephew Nicholas caught a 22 pound Chinook that he kept, as did Robert T.. David caught and took home his 27 pound Chinook and a Halibut being guided by Mike on an Edgewater boat. Guide Jake guided Jake T. to his 24 pound Chinook, one Halibut and a Rock Cod from an Edgewater boat. Ira and Guide Craig A. fished from a Trophy boat and landed a 23 pound Chinook for Ira to keep and take home.

The winds continued around 18 knots but the seas calmed for day 3 to less than 1 meter. It was a cloudy morning and a sunny afternoon with a high of 19 degrees again. Robert T. was guided by Mike to the second Tyee of the trip, both Tyee’s guided by Mike. Robert T. caught a 32 pound Tyee Chinook and a 22 pound Chinook both of which he kept to take home to Washington State. Steve guided Thomas H. to his second 26 pound Chinook of the trip, this time from a Tiara boat. On day 3 Chad caught his second Chinook of the trip, with Guide Rick, weighing 24 pounds. Chad caught it from an Edgewater boat and took it back home to Sechelt, British Columbia and finished his fifth trip to Peregrine Lodge with two Chinook and a Halibut.

We are very thankful that this group of guests picked Peregrine Lodge for there fishing adventure this season and we look forward to seeing your faces as soon as you can make it back here. Congratulations to Shanel and Robert T. on their Tyee’s. Thanks for showing us how it is done. We look forward to the having all of you come back, especially for the 14th time!

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