Cheers to Big Bites and Epic Fights

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Trip Date: August 17th – 21st, 2016


Yet again, we are experiencing some of the best fishing at Peregrine lodge this year on this trip.

There was an 18-pound Coho – the largest recorded here in the past few years – hooked in by father and son team Ron and Jack with guide Rick at Green, a 100-pound plus Halibut landed offshore by angler Travis with guide Khoi, a 47-pound Chinook brought to the boat at Cape Naden with angler Kenneth and guide Tyler, and enough Tyees to make your head spin with dreams of epic salmon battle.

With mostly sunshine and flat seas, though not counting today’s more windy climes, the weather was set for the kind of trip that leaves guests with rosy cheeks and smiles on their faces. The fishing was absolutely productive and exciting, with hard battles won including guest Fawn’s 33-pound Chinook landed at Eagle on Day 1.

“That fish fought harder than the 45 I’ve caught,” said Fawn later at weigh-in.

There were new experiences in salmon fishing for Tyee Club inductees including Migo, who with guide Scott at Eagle Rock, snagged a gorgeous 33-pound Chinook and his first Tyee.

“My best fight yet, and also my biggest fish!” he commented later on the dock.

Travis’ monster Halibut was “longer than the tape measure” and was released back to the seas with triumph and grace.

“I’ve never caught anything in my life that was over triple digits,” said Travis.

“Khoi said, ‘This should be the spot here,’ and sure enough, we dropped down and instantly hooked up.”

Another first was Tony A.’s 54-pound Halibut landed at Cape Naden with his son and fishing partner Alexi on board with guide Mike C.

“It’s my favourite saltwater fish to eat, and therefore it was on my bucket list to get a big Hali,” Tony said.

When you’re somewhere you can mark off a line or two from your bucket list, you know you’re somewhere special.

Here’s to big bites and epic fights – talk to you soon!

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