The Hog Of Hogust

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August 19-22 This was a three day adventure for two corporate and two private groups of avid and beginner Canadian sportsmen and women. The weather was seasonal for northern Haida Gwaii with temperatures reaching 21 degrees on days 2 and 3. Winds were predominantly westerly and northerly blowing 10 to 12 knots on day 1 and gusting to 18 knots by day 3. The skies were partly sunny for most of the trip and dry. Seas were calm on day 1 and increased on day 2 and 3 to maximum height of 1.5 meter. The group caught Chinook, Coho and Halibut along the coast of Cape Naden, Parker Point and Snake Rock. The fleet also fished offshore, north and west of Klashwun Point for Halibut, Coho and Chinook. Cod and Sole were also caught and retained on this trip. An 80 pound Halibut was caught and released by Nolan and 11 Chinook were released by the group. Bernie caught the ‘Hog of Hogust’ on the last day of the trip, and the Tyee of the season. Congratulations to Bernie and Guide Billy. Peregrine Lodge is honored to have been your guide for this trip of a lifetime and to have the photos to share of the story of a lifetime. Jonathan led the Penny Farthing Group on their annual trip and was joined by James, Geoffrey, Tony, Mark, Evelyn, Kevin, David, Ryan, Nolan, Elizabeth, Marianne, Matt and Bernie. They fished from Trophy, Pursuit, Boston Whaler Montauk and Edgewater boats guided by Brian, Steve, Dave W, Dave J, Max, Billy, Ryan, Rick, Greg, Butcher and Neil. On day 1 Jonathan caught and kept a 20 pound Chinook guided by Max. Geoffrey caught and took home a 21 pound Chinook guided by Brian. Mark and Evelyn were guided by Neil on day 1. Mark caught a 24 pound Chinook which he kept to take home and Evelyn landed a 20 pound Chinook that she kept as well. On day 2 David caught a 20 pound Chinook that was taken home guided by Rick. Marianne caught and kept a 22 and 24 pound Chinook guided by Neil. Matt took his 20 pound Chinook home that he caught guided by Dave W. On day 3 Johnathan caught and retained a 22 and 23 pound Chinook guided by Steve. Geoffrey kept the 20 pound Chinook he caught guided by Dave W. Ryan took home a 27 pound Chinook guided by Max and Nolan took home a 25 pound Chinook guided by Ryan. Elizabeth, Bernie and our Guide Billy had an amazing day fishing on a hog tide. Elizabeth caught a 22 pound Chinook and a 31 pound Tyee that she retained. Bernie caught and kept a 48 pound Tyee that is the biggest Chinook caught this season. Bernie’s Tyee was a great end to the trip and will be remembered around here as Bernie’s and Billy’s Big One. This was Terry and Connor’s first trip to Peregrine. They caught and kept eight Chinook, two Coho, and one Halibut total. They also released four Chinook, three for Connor and one for Terry. Terry and Connor fished from an Edgewater boat guided by Jake and Rick. Guided by Jake on day 1 Terry and Connor caught and kept a 20 pound Chinook each and Terry added a 24 pound Chinook. On day 2 Connor caught a 20 pound Chinook guided. On day 3, guided by Rick, Terry caught a 28 pound Chinook and Connor caught a 23 pound Chinook. They retained those and released two 10, one 20 and a 24 Pound Chinook to finish off the trip. Sean headed the Guy Carpenter Group from Toronto on their annual sport fishing trip. Sean led Don, Peter A, Russ, Stefan, Riley, Steve S, Jeff, Steve L and Peter W. They were guided by Jorgen, Butcher, Craig, Greg, Brian, Steve, Jake, Neil and Cody on Pursuit, Edgewater and Trophy boats. On day 1 Don kept the 21 pound Chinook he caught guided by Jorgen. Peter A caught a Tyee that weighed in at 30 pounds guided by Craig. Stefan and Riley retained the 24 pound Chinook they each caught being guided by Greg. Steve L kept both the 20 and 23 pound Chinook Craig guided him too on the first day. On day 2 Peter W caught and kept a 22 pound Chinook guided by Steve. Steve S caught his 23 pound Chinook guided by Jorgen. On day 3 Peter W caught his 21 pound Chinook guided by Jake which he took home. Steve L caught and released a 34 pound Tyee guided by Cody. Sean caught his limit of Salmon this trip and added to his take home fish with a Halibut. Boris and Mike came on their fishing adventure to Peregrine from Quebec and were guided by Jorgen on a Pursuit boat and Dave J on a Trophy. On day 1 Boris caught and retained the biggest Chinook of the day, a 36 pound Tyee guided by Dave J. On day 2 Boris caught and kept a 23 pound Chinook also guided by Dave J. On day 3 Mike kept and took home his 21 pound Chinook guided by Jorgen. This trip was the ‘big fish trip’ for Bernie, Guide Billy and for Peregrine Lodge as the largest Tyee of the season was landed. The 48 pound Chinook goes down in history as the great stories of Bernie and the group’s fishing adventures are taken home with them. Congratulations to Billy for guiding the big one. We saw four Tyee caught and one released in three days! Great fishing was enjoyed by all. Thank you to all our guests for sharing our passion for the outdoors and good living up here at Peregrine Lodge. We look forward to our next reunion and your return to the Lodge in 2019.



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