Fishing report June 19-23

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The Coho are coming!

The second trip is in the can and so is a lot of fish! The Peregrine Lodge 2019 fishing season is off to a fantastic start!
Our guests this trip came from all over Canada and the U.S. We also had the pleasure of Leslie and David joining us again from last week.They come all the way from Down Under to get their fill of world class fishing.
And fishing they did!
The first day of this four day trip had the fleet sticking fairly close together as the hot spots seemed to be between Snake Rock and Bird Rock.
There were lots of double headers, multiple releases of both Chinook and Halibut, and a nice surprise…the Coho have already started to run!
The Coho that have been coming in have all been respectable weights and the guests have been very happy to add these beautiful fish to their take home quota.
It’s expected that the coho catches will increase in the next few weeks as their run starts in earnest.
A young fellow named Ben was visiting us with is Father and Grandfather. We love it when we see families coming in and creating memories that will last forever. Who can ever forget their first salmon? Better yet their first fishing trip. This was a new experience for Ben and one that he will always remember.He is now as hooked as the first 15 pound Chinook was he pulled in by himself.
Because of Peregrine Lodge’s catch and release program we are hoping that in years to come Ben will visit us again and get to relive that first catch feeling with his kids.
On days two and three the fleet spread out all over the fishing grounds. From Cape Naden, out to the Peanut,to off-shore Green the fish were all over the place.
Dave was fishing with guide Cody and managed to land the top fish of the trip, a gorgeous Tyee!
Of course when the guest weren’t concentrating on getting the fish in the net everyone got to relax and take in the scenery. There was a group of Humpbacks off Shag Rock that put on an incredible performance. Bubble feeding,tail lobbing and showing us their backsides as they took a deep dive.
A solitary Grey Whale cruised between Parkers and Yacht Bay. The gulls on Snake Rock were busy fending off a Bald Eagle that was doing regular passes over their nesting grounds. Their were even a few Black Bears grazing on the kelp washed up on the beach.
As day four weigh in came the scales were kept busy as the guests added some impressive halibut, some more nice salmon and a few ling and rock cod to their take home quota.
All in all it’s been a fantastic start to the 2019 season here at Peregrine Lodge and we are very excited to see what the next few weeks bring.

Don’t be wishing you were fishing! Call: 1-800-663-0992 to book your next visit to Peregrine Lodge!

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