Jul 11 – 14

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The Haida Gwaii welcomed the newest group of Peregrine Lodge guests with a beautiful sunny day and a spectacular wildlife show to kick off the first day of fishing. With deer feasting on morsels left on the beach during low tide and massive sea lions keeping a watchful eye on the waters around Bird Rock, the guides and guests prepared for what promised to be an exciting day of fishing. Not to disappoint, both guides, Bill Murray and Steve Larsen, ‘tubbed out’ each guest on Chinooks before 10 AM. Each boat worked the waters just East of Cape Naden offshore with their downriggers.

The large Chinook showed up for the second day of the trip. Taking queue from Bill and Steve’s successes the previous day, the fleet followed suit and each boat, in turn, played numerous salmon throughout the day. Parker Point seemed to be the big producer of the day. Four tyees came off the East side; the biggest one landed by 18 year old, Patrick Ross. The impressive Chinook came to 48 pounds on the scale. First salmon he has ever caught! What an experience!

Unbeknownst to the rest of the fleet, guide Bryce McClaren and guests, Kirby Copeland and Rick Robinson went hog hunting at Cape Naden in the early afternoon that same day. Bryce stuck to a depth with his downrigger that he knew to be bountiful many days previous for him and the other guides. After only two passes close to the kelp off the point, the port side was impressively struck. Rod corked over, Kirby Copeland took hold of the Islander and set into what turned into a half an hour fight. Bryce managed to coax the behemoth of a Chinook off the kelp bed just in time to smoothly net it. Like a well-oiled machine, the three in the boat got to work immediately. Within 3 minutes of netting the salmon, measurements were taken, photos were snapped and the trophy Chinook was let go. The verdict sent the Peregrine guests into a frenzy of excitement and shouts of joy. A 50 pounder! The dining room that evening was buzzing with glasses raised in cheers, tyee hats being passed out and big fish stories; each guest trying to ‘one up’ each other, eager to try the next day for another.

You’ve got lots of line and lots of time – See you soon.

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