July 21-24 Fishing Report

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A large Tyee salmon being released.

We had a fantastic start to this trip with tight lines almost as soon as we hit the fishing grounds. Three Tyee were landed before noon, all from Cape Naden. Guests John, Tony and Greg received all joined the tyee club on day one.
Lots of great salmon and halibut came from Parker Point and Offshore Green.
There were a lot of good-sized Chinooks landed and the Coho continue to get larger as the Summer goes on.
When fishing offshore, the guides usually have a couple of deepwater rods that are on downriggers as well as some mooching lines for fish that might be in shallower water. This method optimizes your time on the water, increasing your chances of hooking up those keepers.
It kept everyone busy with multiple doubleheaders and even some triples.
Once they were in a school the fish seemed to hookup almost as quickly as the lines were lowered.
The fleet fished in a line and nets were waving almost non-stop.
At weigh-in the celebrations were off to a roaring start as guests anticipated the scale reading to see just how big their fish were.
Day two was another gorgeous Haida Gwaii summer day with incredible conditions and see-forever skies.
The retention limits for Coho were filled by most guests early in the afternoon so they started getting serious about landing some big Chinook.
Just like each guide has a different technique for the perfect roll on their cut plug herring, they each have their own go-to spot for Chinook; holes that have produced big fish for them over the years.
Catching a prize Tyee is on everybody’s minds this time of year as “Hogust” is just around the corner.
The fish are feeding on crab larvae and krill, putting on extra weight while they prepare to continue their journey after resting in our waters.
And of course, there’s the halibut. If you have ever reeled in a large halibut from 200 feet of water then you know what an effort it takes to land one of these delicious fish. Mark, one of our guest this week landed a whopping 47 pounder! Who needs a gym when you fish halibut like that?
On the last day of each trip, guests usually have a list of what fish are needed to reach their retention limit.
The guides do their best to help them out and this trip was especially successful with most fulfilling their shopping lists.

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