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Peregrine Lodge is a luxury fishing resort located in the angler’s paradise of Haida Gwaii.  With access to some of the best salmon and halibut fishing found anywhere in the world, our expert fishing guides help position our guests to have the best opportunity to catch the trophy fish of a lifetime.

During the seasonal spawning runs, the northern waters of Haida Gwaii are teaming with life as all five species of salmon of the Pacific Northwest (chinook (king), coho (silver), pink, chum, and sockeye) migrate through the area to reach their spawning grounds.

Beyond the shear serenity and natural beauty of our location, what makes Peregrine Lodge so special is that we are also located at Naden Harbour, the epicenter of these incredible migrations.  When paired with our fleet of high performing boats and expert guide service, Peregrine Lodge offers a world class angling experience that is like no other.

While keeping or releasing a trophy salmon is ultimately the angler’s choice, here at the Peregrine Lodge we encourage our guests to practice catch and release for large salmon (over 30 lbs). The release of these large fish allows for their genetic traits to be passed on to their offspring and will help keep big fish swimming in our waters for future generations to experience.



We know that many anglers are highly experienced and know how to effectively catch and release fish. Below, we offer a few reminders and tips for best practices of catch and release, in the event you decide to release your catch.

  • Do remove the hook with the fish in the water and handle it minimally whenever possible. Using a de-hooker can help ease the process.
  • Don’t use under-gunned tackle for large fish that you know will be released. That fish is battling for its life and if the fight is extended, it could kill the fish. At Peregrine Lodge, we provide the best gear so you will always be appropriately outfitted for your quarry.


Our professional guides are here to assist you with whatever you decide to do with your catch.  If you would like your catch to be our processed for consumption, rest assured that our staff is fully prepared to fillet, vacuum seal and ready your catch for the journey home.  If you choose to release your catch, our guides can demonstrate how to safely handle your catch to help ensure the fish has the greatest chance of survival.

Catch and release is a popular method for a lot of people as it allows them to share their love for fishing with their friends and family, while still preserving wildlife.  Peregrine Lodge supports the love of fishing in all forms. Book your next getaway to Peregrine Fishing Lodge and share your love for the thrill of catching a big one with your friends or family. Take a look at the fishing adventures we offer at our lodge here.

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