The Heat is On!

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Trip Date: August 2-5


The heat is on at Peregrine and I do not mean the weather, I’m speaking of the stellar fishing. We continue to enjoy hog hunting at Peregrine with another 27 Tyees angled by our guests this past trip. Our lucky guests have angled an outstanding total of 74 Tyees during the past week alone. Now that is bragging rights considering the size of our lodge is smaller than others in the same area. Our professional guides are lighting it up daily and the competition for the year-end tally of the Tyees is still off the charts.

From Naden to Klashwein, each point of structure has been just as great as the other for getting into the big ones. The combination of down riggers and a weighted rods allows our guests the advantage of targeting King Salmon that are continually running through our “close to home’fishing grounds.

Katy P. from Texas was off to a grand start on day one when she landed herself a monster. When she arrived back to the lodge for our weigh-in festivities she was stunned to find out that her King weighed a whopping 47 pounds. Katy is close to eighty in age, and it goes to show you that the spirit of sport fishing will always be rewarded no matter how old you are as long as you are at young at heart.

Emile entertained a group of southern anglers the past few days and a total of 10 Tyees were landed by his group alone. We congratulate each member of his party as they joined the prestige Tyee Club at Peregrine Lodge.

Sam enjoyed fishing with his mom and cousin Chessie on the final day of this trip as he landed her a 44-pound Chinook at Eagle Rock. Rosalyn R. is an exceptional fisherwoman and the lodge is always pleased when she returns each year. We could not be happier that she also got a Tyee on the last day while “hippie fishing” with Dan.

The humpbacks are everywhere on the fishing grounds and our guests are exuberant every time they get to experience the breeching of these grand mammals close to their boats. It is truly “Gods Little Pocket” in our backyard and I am ever so thankful that Mother Nature is at her best this year to share with all of us.

Until next time, Keep those rods bent!


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