Tour 17

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Children were the theme of this tour. We’ve had a bunch up here, and it has been a lot of fun! Sitting back and watching these salty dog guides turn into giant mush puddles was simply amazing. Seeing the gleam in their eyes as these apt kids caught onto a fish and the excited parents watched on. Everyone’s faces just lit up for every bite and you could feel the excitement, it has been fantastic. These are the next generation of Peregrine guests, and we’re stoked to have them.

The weather has held on and been quite lovely. Calm winds, decent seas with a little bit of chop here and there but all entirely avoidable.

The fishing was a little harder the last few days, we had to be patient. But our guides slogged away all day and managed to land a few good looking teenage chinooks. The biggest chinook went to Hudson (14 years old) with help from our guide Jorgen. Together they landed and released a 35 pound beast!

Onto the final tour of the season!


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