Trip 3: June 25 – 29

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Peregrine Lodge is located on some of the best salmon fishing grounds in the world. As salmon from around the North Pacific Ocean embark on their annual migration, they are funneled through Dixon Entrance, pausing in our waters to feed before proceeding to their natal streams. The resulting abundance of massive springs and feisty coho means that our guests will be kept constantly busy – there are no slow days at Peregrine Lodge.

The guests of our 3rd trip of the season experienced this first hand over the past four days. Big fish were everywhere, and coho, halibut and lingcod kept guests busy when they got tired of fighting monster springs. Humpback whales, orcas, bald eagles, and black bears competed with the rod tips for attention, and calm seas meant our guests could fish in comfort.

Darcey H caught the largest fish of the season so far on this trip. Fishing with guide Butch Sakiyama, who has been with Peregrine for 16 years, Darcey H caught and released a monster 48 pound chinook salmon. The same day, David Holman caught an incredible 45 pound spring. These are some massive fish. And the action didn’t stop there – we also saw a 40-pounder landed by Georgia Husby off Yahtz Bay. Kyle Morreau taught his family a thing or two about fishing when he landed a 35 pounder on Sunday, and Dwayne E caught a 36. Blair H. brought both a 30 and a 31 to the boat. And right before the final buzzer on Sunday evening, Cory W guided Jeff Silver to a beautiful 37 pounder off Eagle Rock.

A 140 pound halibut was released by Roger B. off the halibut grounds today, while a number of beautiful halis in the 25-40 pound range will be heading home with our guests. Can you say “fish and chips”?

And while we have seen some massive fish, we’ve also had volume. The vast majority of our guests reached their possession limits of all species on this trip. Challa R, for example, caught four springs in the 20-pound range, 4 coho ranging up to 10 pounds in size, and two halibut, the biggest being 42 pounds large! Needless to say, Challa will be eating well for the near future.

All together, our third trip of the season was a remarkable one. The four days were packed with big fish, good friends, and all the warm comforts of home. As we say goodbye to trip three, we look forward to welcoming old and new friends on our next trip – it’s clear that there will be no slow days this year!

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