BC Halibut Fishing in Haida Gwaii

The Pacific waters are home to some of the best halibut fishing in the world. Haida Gwaii’s northern waters boast record-sized halibut that travel to the area each summer. Peregrine Lodge offers the best BC halibut fishing opportunities.

Located off British Columbia’s west coast, Peregrine Lodge is situated in the middle of Haida Gwaii’s pristine and fertile fishing grounds. At Peregrine Lodge, you have the chance to experience BC halibut fishing like nowhere else in the world! Our 10 hours a day of fully-guided BC halibut fishing will be your fishing trip of a lifetime!

In addition to world class BC halibut fishing, Haida Gwaii’s rugged, wild, and mystical scenery draws visitors from around the globe. Haida Gwaii’s wildlife is like no other. Imagine experiencing a humpback whale bubble-feeding in the distance while you reel in your catch, or looking to the shore line and witnessing some of the world’s largest black bears walking along the beach with their cubs!

BC Halibut Fishing

Pacific Halibut in Haida Gwaii

The northern waters are famous for halibut that can grow to more than 400 pounds, but halibut that are 10 to 50 pounds are more common. Pacific halibut spend most of their time near the ocean floor, but they move back and forth between the depths of water to pursue bait fish.

Pacific halibut have a flat, diamond-shaped body with a white underbelly. They are the largest flatfish in the world and can reach 2.7 meters in length and 300 kilograms in weight. Their large size and weight make them a desired trophy fish for anglers.

Pacific halibut provide mild and sweet tasting flesh with a firm texture and relatively few bones. The record halibut caught at Peregrine Lodge is 270lbs!

Halibut Fishing Tactics

In shallow waters, halibut use sound and sight to find their food. In deeper waters, halibut use smell as their primary way of finding food. Creating a strong scent trail with live bait or artificial scents is key to attracting halibut.

The primary halibut fishing tactic uses hook-and-line gear. Halibut fishing takes patience, but the result is worth the wait! Halibut season runs from the beginning of June to the end of October and provides anglers an amazing fishing opportunity.

At Peregrine Lodge, we encourage all guests to keep only what they will consume. Catch and release fishing is optional for all saltwater fishing.

Fully-Guided Halibut Fishing

Halibut fishing at Peregrine Lodge is fully-guided, meaning that there will always be a professional guide onboard with you. Our knowledgeable guides will teach you the most effect BC halibut fishing techniques and ensure that you have an unforgettable trip!

Each of our guides is carefully chosen, licensed and highly qualified. Our professional guides have the experience to ensure that your BC halibut fishing trip the trip of a lifetime!

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Our Fleet

The safety and comfort of our guests is our priority and we take pride in providing the industry’s best fleet. We maintain our boats for optimum performance and safety.

Each of our boats are equipped with the top fishing equipment, fish finders and downriggers to ensure a successful fishing adventure.

Our fleet of 17’ Boston Whalers will reliably transport you to the waters of the Pacific Ocean for hours of exciting BC halibut fishing adventure.

Our 24” Edgewater and 24’ Bayliner Trophy tenders are our larger boats that offer on-board washroom facilities.

Our custom built 30’ Tiara is for guests that would like a boat with more room. It comfortably fishes up to 4 people.

On standby throughout the day for added comfort and for the safety of our guests, the captain of our support boat also monitors the weather and provides a washroom facility.

Peregrine Lodge boats

Fish Processing

Our all-inclusive fishing packages include professional fish processing. We can clean, fillet and vacuum pack your fish so you can bring it home safely.

We understand the importance of enjoying the fish you caught at home and that it is just as important as the moment you caught it. We also arrange fish processing services including smoking, steaking and canning at St. Jean’s Cannery.

Fish Licensing

Before arriving at Peregrine Lodge, a fishing license is required. The government of Canada has regulations on fishing the Pacific Ocean and of the Province. Your fishing license must be carried always while you are fishing and when you transport your fish home. To learn more about fishing licenses, click here.

Why Peregrine Lodge

At Peregrine Lodge, the fish is king! We pride ourselves on having access to the best BC halibut fishing in British Columbia.

As a family owned business, we are proud to provide our guest with the ultimate home-away-from-home experience. Our friendly staff strive to ensure that your stay with us is comfortable and relaxing.

We take care of all the details! Peregrine Lodge is truly an all-inclusive fishing lodge, meaning everything from the meals you eat, to the alcohol you consume*, to the fishing equipment are all included in the price of your trip.

*Top-shelf spirits are extra.

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