Fly Fishing

At Peregrine Lodge, guests are not only given the opportunity to saltwater fish, they are also given the opportunity to experience the adventure of fly fishing. Peregrine Lodge offers access to many pristine estuaries for our guests to enjoy fly fishing all season long.

Our fully guided fishing means that you will have a professional with you at all times to help and teach you fly fishing. Our guides are well-chosen, licensed and have the experience to make sure that your fly fishing trip will be successful.

Fly fishing is a method of angling that uses an artificial fly to catch the fish. A fly rod, reel, and specialized weighted line are used to cast the fly. Hand tied flies that look like baitfish, food organisms or lures are used to provoke the fish to bite at the fly. Fly fishing can be done in both fresh or salt water.

The government of Canada has regulations on sport fishing in Canadian fisheries waters of the Pacific Ocean. A fishing license is required before your trip to Peregrine Lodge. Fishing licenses can be purchased online, printed and must be carried while you are fishing. Your licenses should be ready and with you at all times during your stay at Peregrine Lodge.

Purchase Your Fishing LIcense

Using specific fly fishing techniques with the help of our guides, guest can witness indigenous species to Haida Gwaii including:

Pink – Smallest BC salmon species that provide anglers with a consistent and sport fishing. They are the easiest to catch and provide amazing fly-fishing opportunities for any level of angler.

Coho – Known for their delicious rich meat and their aggressive and moody behavior, they provide a great challenge for anglers.

Cutthroat Trout – They have a distinctive red or orange streak under their lower jaw. They are nomadic fish, meaning they are constantly on the move for their search for food.

Dolly Varden Trout – They have a dark blue or olive-green back, silvery sides and a white belly with spots around their body. They are an aggressive fish and strong fighters.

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