Saltwater Fishing

Peregrine lodge offers the best saltwater fishing in the Pacific Northwest. Some of the largest salmon are caught right on our doorstep. Our record salmon is 76 pounds and record halibut is 270 pounds!

Our unique geographical location makes this region a premier fishing destination. The rugged shores and coastal entry to Naden Harbor offer the ultimate holding grounds for large runs of halibut and migrating salmon.

This precise location is in the cross paths of mature salmon as they travel to spawning rivers along the Pacific coast. The fishing grounds are abundant with salmon weighing over 30 pounds and lucky guests have even been able to catch a salmon over 70 pounds!

The northern waters are also famous for halibut that can grow to more than 400 pounds. Halibut spend most of their time near the ocean floor but move back and forth between the depths of water to pursue bait fish.

All of our packages are fully guided and our all-inclusive program allows you to enjoy your fishing trip without having to worry about extra costs.

Saltwater Fish of Haida Gwaii

The waters of Haida Gwaii are filled with exceptional saltwater fish that draw anglers from around the world.

Chinook Salmon

Big in size and also known as king or spring salmon. They have spotted blue-green backs, silver tails dotted with black spots and black gums. They are often rated as the best tasting salmon due to their high oil content.

The best time to catch Chinook Salmon is from June to late August.

Coho Salmon

Known for its deliciously rich meat and for being one of the most prized salmon in B.C., Coho salmon weigh between 6 to 14 pounds and occasionally reach up to 25 pounds. They are silver in colour when they enter the river but change to red and purple colours as they mature and approach spawning time. They are known for their moody and aggressive behaviour and provide a great challenge for anglers.

Pink Salmon

Averaging 4 to 6 pounds, the Pink Salmon is the smallest of the BC salmon species. Their runs are overwhelmingly large and provide anglers with a consistent sport fishery.

They return to our rivers every 2 years on the odd year. Although they are an aggressive fish, they are the easiest to catch out of all the BC salmon species and provide amazing fly-fishing opportunities for a beginner or seasoned anglers.

Sockeye Salmon

Sockey salmon is primarily red in colour during the spawning process. They can grow up to 2 feet 9 inches in length and can weight up to 15 pounds! Juveniles remain in fresh water until they are ready to migrate to the ocean, over distances of up to 1,600 km!

Chum Salmon

Chum salmon have an ocean colouration of silvery blue-green with some indistinct spotting in a darker shade and a rather paler belly. When they move into fresh water the colour changes to dark olive green and the belly colour deepens.  Spawning males typically grow an elongated snout or kype, their lower fins become tipped with white and they have enlarged teeth.

Pacific Halibut

Flat and diamond shape with a white underbelly and eyes on their upper side. They provide a mild and sweet taste, with a firm texture and relatively few bones. Halibut cheeks are highly prized for their sweet taste.

The best time to catch Halibut is from June to late August.


Lingcod can reach sizes as large 60 inches and weigh up to 130 pounds. Around 20% of lingcod have blue-green to turquoise flesh. The lingcod is a popular eating fish and is thus prized by anglers.

Rock Cod

Rock cod are yellow-grey to red-brown with white fin margins. They may grow up to 50 cm in length. They are frequently found inshore and inhabit shallow waters in the continental shelf with a typical depth of 10 to 90 m.

Yelloweye Rockfish

Yelloweye rockfish is one of the world’s longest-lived fish species and is cited to live to a maximum of 114 to 120 years of age. As they grow older, they change in colour, from reddish in youth, to bright orange in adulthood, to pale yellow in old age. Yelloweye live in rocky areas and feed on small fish and other rockfish.

At Peregrine Lodge, we believe the fish is king and we are proud promoters of catch and release fishing of saltwater fish. No experience comes close to the feeling you get when you catch a trophy fish, take a picture and then release it back into the water. We encourage our guest to take home only the amount of fish they expect to consume and carefully practice catch and release techniques.

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The Boats

We are proud to offer our guests a higher standard in fishing boats starting with our Boston Whalers, which are included in our package.

Each of our boats is equipped with fish finders, downriggers and superior fishing equipment.  You can also upgrade to one of our larger boats that offer many amenities including washroom facilities.

These premier line of boats will bring you to the fishing grounds in speed and comfort so you can begin your exciting saltwater fishing adventure

You can choose from the following upgraded fleet:

  • 24’ Edgewater and 24’ Trophy which accommodates 2-3 guests
  • 26’ Pursuit which accommodates 2-3 guests
  • 29’ Tiara which accommodates up to 6 guests

Our support vessel is on standby throughout the day for added comfort and safety. The captain of this boat monitors the weather and is also our on-site photographer.

Our Professional Guides are Here to Help

Our certified and experienced guides are here to help maximize your saltwater fishing opportunities. They are committed to helping you catch your dream trophy salmon!

Our experienced guides are filled with knowledge and insight into the best fishing techniques used distinctly in our region. Experience fishing like you’ve never experienced before.

All you have to do is be prepared for the best salmon and best halibut fishing in the world!

Fish Processing

A fishing trip isn’t just about catching the fish; we understand that handling the fish is one of the most important components of fishing. At Peregrine Lodge, we’ve perfected fish processing to ensure that your catch is ready to travel home with you. Enjoying your fish at the table is just as important as the moment you caught it!

We clean, fillet, vacuum pack, flash freeze and pack all of your fish in cyro packed boxes so that they are ready for travel. We also offer fish processing services including arranging smoking, canning and steaking. For more information on fish processing, click here.

Fishing License

Prior to your trip to Peregrine lodge, you are required to have a fishing license and salmon conservation stamp. Fishing licenses and salmon conservation stamps must be purchased online and printed before departure to the lodge. It is mandatory that you carry your license with you while fishing and traveling home with your catch. Please remember to keep it on your person on departure day and do not pack it away in your checked luggage.

The government of Canada has regulations on sports fishing in Canadian fisheries waters of the Pacific Ocean. All Chinook, Lingcod and halibut catch must be recorded on your license in ink. For more information on sport fishing regulations in British Columbia, check out the Government of Canada’s site.

Experience a World Class Wilderness Resort

At Peregrine Lodge, we are dedicated to providing first-class service so that your stay with us feels like your home-away-from-home.

Our lodge is designed with comfort and class so that our guests are made to feel at home in our causal environment.

Fishing isn’t the only adventure at Peregrine Lodge. Amenities such as an ocean view exercise room, library, and a sports lounge are all available for our guests to take advantage of. Our guests can also cozy up by the fire pit or enjoy one of our signature hot stone massages after a long day of fishing.

We are a premier fishing destination because we put the fishing first and are dedicated to providing first-class service. From the moment you arrive at the lodge to your very last day with us, you’ll experience the hospitality that Peregrine Lodge is renowned for.

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