Fish Processing

Fish Processing

A fishing trip is all about the adventure and one of the most important components of the adventure is the handling of the fish. Perfecting the fish processing at Peregrine Lodge is a priority; a new packaging program was purchased in the 2017 fishing season to ensure that your catch is ready for travel home with you.

We understand that enjoying your fish at the table is equally as important as the moment you caught it! We clean, fillet, vacuum pack, flash freeze and pack all of the fish in cryo packed boxes so guests can bring their fish home with them.

Guests also have the option of sending their fish to St. Jean’s Smokehouse & Cannery, which offers fish processing services including smoking, canning, steaking. If you place an order with them, please allow at least 8 weeks for delivery before following up on the order. Later in the salmon season, processing time may take as long as 12 weeks.

The moment you catch your fish it is tagged, whether it is going home with you or going to St.Jean’s Smokehouse & Cannery. We recommend guests have an idea in mind of what they would like to do with their fish as they catch them. Our guides are there to offer suggestions, but generally a salmon over 30 pounds or over is great for canning or smoking at St.Jean’s Smokehouse & Cannery.

A smaller Chinook and Coho Salmon is ideal for bringing home and cooking over the barbecue.

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