BC Salmon Fishing

Located in the path of mature salmon as they travel to spawning rivers along the Pacific Coast, Peregrine Lodge in Haida Gwaii, is home to some of the best BC salmon fishing. Our pristine and remote location intercepts the super salmon highway. This provides consistent and exciting fishing!

Peregrine Lodge is one of the original fishing lodges located in Haida Gwaii, providing superior customer service for over 30 years. Experience the most thrilling BC salmon fishing in one of the most magnificent and rare parts of the world at Peregrine Lodge. Learn more about our 30 years of history here.

Our all-inclusive fishing packages include 10 hours of guided fishing per day, custom fishing equipment, all-weather gear, and Boston Whaler boats equipped with downriggers, fish finders, and the best fishing equipment available.

The Salmon of BC

Wild salmon from British Columbia are one of the most spectacular fish in the world. Nourished by the spectacular nature of British Columbia, BC salmon are some of the best salmon in the world!

Five species of salmon that can be found are:

1. Chinook 

Also known as King or Spring salmon due to its large size. Chinook have deep-red to ivory coloured flesh and their flavor is rich and full, with a moderately firm texture. Chinook average 20 pounds in weight and have small round spots on their back, dorsal fin and tail.


Coho average around 6 to 12 pounds and they run between mid summer and early fall. Coho have spots above their lateral line and upper lobe. Coho flesh is vibrant reddish-orange colour and they have a moderately full and versatile flavor with firm and fine textured flesh.


The smallest of the BC Salmon species, they average 4 pounds in weight. Pink salmon have a shiny silver skin with large black oval spots on their backs and tails. Pink salmon flesh is light rose-pink in colour and have a mild and delicate flesh with soft texture.


Chum average around 8 pounds and have a dark metallic blue-green back with silver sides and belly. Chum is a reddish-pink colour and their flesh is mild and delicate with a firm texture.


Sockeye average six pounds in weight and are deep blue-green in colour with small black speckles on their back. Sockeye have a deep red to orange-red colour with rich and full flesh with a firm texture.

At Peregrine Lodge, we are proud promoters of catch and release fishing of both saltwater and freshwater fish. We encourage all of our guests to only take home the amount of fish they expect to consume and carefully practice catch and release techniques.

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Peregrine Lodge Offers Fully-Guided BC Salmon Fishing

Fishing at Peregrine Lodge is fully-guided meaning that one of our professional guides will always be onboard. Our experienced guides will lead you to the most fertile salmon fishing grounds for an adventurous fishing trip!

Our guides are licensed, highly qualified and trained. They have the experience to ensure that your BC salmon fishing trip is successful. Our guides know the waters of Haida Gwaii in and out, ensuring that every trip to Peregrine Lodge is the fishing adventure of a lifetime.

Our Fleet

We take pride in providing the industry’s best fleet to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests. We strive to maintain our boats for optimum performance and safety.

Each of our boats is equipped with superior fishing equipment, fish finders and downriggers.

Our fleet of 17’ Boston Whalers transports you to the waters of the Pacific Ocean for an exciting BC salmon fishing adventure.

The 24’ Edgwater or 24’ Bayliner Trophy tenders are also available if you want to upgrade to one of our larger boats that offer on-board washroom facilities.

If you’d like a boat with more room, our custom built 30” guest vessel has room for up to 6 people.

Our support vessel is on standby throughout the day for added comfort and safety for our guests. It also provides a washroom facility. The captain of this boat monitors the weather and ensures that each guest gets a quality photo of their catch.

Fish Processing

We understand that fish handling is an important component of any fishing adventure. A fishing trip isn’t just about catching the fish, that is why Peregrine Lodge offers fish processing to ensure that your catch is ready to travel home with you. For many, enjoying the fish they caught at the table is just as important as the moment they caught it.

We offer cleaning, filleting, vacuum packing, flash freezing and packing of all your fish in cryo packed boxes. We make sure that your fish is ready for travel. We also offer fish processing services including the arranging of smoking, canning, steaking and vacuum packing of your catch.

Fish Licensing

A fishing license is required prior to your trip to Peregrine Lodge. The government of Canada has regulations on sport fishing in the Pacific Ocean.  Fishing licenses can be purchased online and printed. You must carry your license while you are fishing, and  when transporting your catch home.

For more information on sport fishing regulations in British Columbia, refer to the Government of Canada’s website.

Peregrine Lodge Offers a Unique BC Salmon Fishing Opportunity

Peregrine Lodge is one of the premiere salmon and halibut fishing destination in Haida Gwaii. We want to make sure your stay with us is as exciting as it is rejuvenating. We provide first-class service and ensure that your stay exceeds all your expectations.

Our lodge offers more than just premiere BC salmon fishing! Amenities such as an ocean view exercise room, library and our expanded sports lounge are all available for guests to take advantage of.

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