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Trip Date: August 5 – 9


Chances are that if the line strikes hard, it is going to be a good one. It’s that time of the year when the big ones are here. You can identify the bite right off the hop as these chinook tend to smash the rigger lines hard and then take off like a freight train. During this trip the down riggers seemed to have a slight edge over the weighted rods, but when the back weighted rod gets a strike, chances are it is going to be the one you were looking for.

Clint and Shayle enjoyed a great first day at Parker Point with their guide, Jorgen, as they caught and released 3 Tyees between thirty and forty pounds. On both the second and the third day, they were also successful yet again being guided into a few more of these spectacular King sized salmon. They had their game on this trip!

It’s always great to enjoy the company of father and son trips here at Peregrine. Frank, Wes and Chuck had daily side pools with their boys as they do each year they are here. This annual trip started way back in 2001. Collectively, they know how to target the hogs, but their main reason for coming up to Peregrine Lodge is spending quality time with their sons whilst enjoying the outstanding fishing.

Our new fisherman guests from Michigan enjoyed landing these Tyee caliber salmon and they left home with much enthusiasm to return next year. We congratulate the Andreassans for joining the Tyee Club, with each landing a 37- and 40-pound Chinook. Frances had a great trip retaining a 43 and a 30.

Finding a big salmon was a bit tougher this trip, and yet we had 17 Tyees for the final tally. We are expecting a couple of days of Northwest winds, which means cooler waters and where there is cooler waters more bait is brought in, followed by hefty salmon runs. We have been stacked up with bait since we opened in June and no doubt that is the very reason we have experienced one of our best fishing years.

We measure to exactness here at Peregrine using this calculation for the release: Girth x 2 x Length / 800

You can be sure that when the salmon is returned to the sea, our guests will have the immense pleasure and gratification knowing that they earned their rewards earnestly and that their trophy-sized salmon has a better chance of making it to the spawning grounds. We understand precision is a serious matter when measuring the release and we are proud to have started the trend of promoting “Catch and Release” before any of the other lodges in the Haida Gwaii.

Thank you to all our guests on this trip for choosing Peregrine Lodge for their fishing adventure this year, and our extended congratulations to all of you that successfully landed a Tyee.

Best wishes for big fishes always,


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