Move Over Hogtober, Hogust Is Here

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August 1-5.

There was a mix of calm cloudy days on the water and not so calm misty blustery days for our first full trip of August, known around here as Hogust. In the strong northwesterly the fleet fished from Cape Naden west to Snake Rock trolling over the Hog Holes for Tyee Chinook.  A stronger southeasterly wind that was forecast all trip didn’t affect us until the fleet had to make way for the leeward side of Cape Edenshaw for better fishing conditions.

The first real southeasterly wind of the summer blew in across the Dixon Entrance on the last day of the trip. On shore life is much easier to predict at the Lodge. The Land staff makes sure of that. The executive chef’s breakfast and the trio of chefs for dinner service makes for times of serious culinary enjoyment. And Mansour’s homemade doughnuts and croissants….Makes playing in the sports lounge, gym, hot tub, mini golf, and river fishing as good as it gets. The guests inclined to River fishing had plenty of time to relax onshore and have a day being guided through the luscious Haida Gwaii rainforest and cast for Steelhead Trout. Five Tyee were caught and nine guests maxed out on their allotted Chinook. One guest maxed out on Chinook and Coho.

Two guest Pat and John fished with our Guide Brian on a Pursuit boat and Pat Caught his maximum number of Chinook and Coho. One was a 39 pound Tyee on the second day. John released a 10 pound Chinook on day 2 and Pat released a 20 pound Chinook on day 4.

Two guests, including one of our most frequent guests, Wes from Manitoba and Scott fished on a Trophy boat with Guides Butcher, Kai and jorgen. This was Wes’s 17th trip to Peregrine Lodge- on our 30th anniversary year. That is a lot of Mooching.

11 family members were here with Gary Sr. from California on his third trip to Peregrine Lodge. They all fished from Edgewater boats. Gary Sr. caught two 22 and a 21 pound Chinook. Gail topped everybody with a 45 pound Chinook the largest fish of the trip guided by Whitt on the first day. She also caught a 25 and 21 pound Chinook. Gary Jr. and Jennifer guided by Mike on the first day caught two 22 pound and one 24 pound Chinook for Gary Jr. and a 33 pound Tyee and a 23 pound Chinook for Jennifer. Dominic and Julia caught two Chinook each. A 23 pound Chinook for Dominic and a 20 pound Chinook for Julia, guided by Ryan. Julie caught a 26 and 24 pound Chinook guided by Jake. Greg caught a 24 pound Chinook on day 3 and Elizabeth caught a 23 pound Chinook both guided by Craig B. on day 1 and 3. Warren caught a 28 pound Chinook guided by Greg on the first day and a 23 pound Chinook guided by Cory.

Chuck’s family fished on Pursuit, Edgewater and Trophy boats and on the first day Chuck caught a 21 pound Chinook guided by Jorgen on a Pursuit. Miranda caught a 30 pound Tyee on day 1 guided by Craig A. ending the day and starting out the trip in the Tyee Club. Thora caught a 26 Pound Chinook on day 3 guided by Craig A. as well. On the first day Nicholas caught and released a 150 cm Halibut onboard with Chuck and Thora guided by Jorgen. Quinn caught a 25 pound Chinook onboard with mom and dad and guided by Craig A on day 1.

Leon came on his second trip to Peregrine Lodge with Elaine from Saskatchewan, and Patrick and Mirelle. Leon caught a 33 pound Tyee on day 2 guided by Cory and a 22 pound Chinook on day 1 guided by Cody and a 20 pound Chinook on day 4 guided by Billy. Elaine caught a 23 pound Chinook on day 1 guided by Cody and a 23 and 29 pound Chinook on day day 3 guided by Billy. Mirelle caught a 21 pound Chinook on day 4 guided by Billy too.

Jerry, Mack, Masanori and Tommy from Japan were guided by Steve, Dave J. and Butcher all fishing from Trophy boats on this trip. On day 1 Masanori caught a 28 pound Chinook guided by Dave J. and Tommy caught two 24 pound Chinook one kept and one released by Guide Steve. On day 2 Jerry and Masanori both landed 21 pound Chinook guided by Steve. On day 4 Jerry caught a 21 pound Chinook guided by Steve.

This was the first trip to Peregrine Lodge for son and father Doug D. and James D. They hail from Ohio and fished from an Edgewater and B5 boats with guides Kai and Neil. James caught and released a 20 pound Chinook on day 1 with Guide Kai. Doug caught and kept the 23 pound Chinook he caught on day 4 guided by Neil.

Michael, John, Jamie and Randy were guided by Billy, Max, Dave W. and Jorgen. On day 2 John and Jamie caught 20 pound Chinook each. Jamie guided by Max on a Montauk boat and John guided by Billy also fishing from a Montauk boat. On day 4 Michael caught a 25 pound Chinook and John caught a 20 pound Chinook guided by Kai on B5.

Gary K. and Tim were guided by Dave W., Jorgen and Craig B. fishing off Trophy boats this trip. On day 2 Tim caught a 23 pound Chinook and Gary caught a 20 pound Chinook guided by Jorgen. On Day 4 Tim caught a 20 and a 25 pound Chinook being guided by Craig B.

Thank you to everybody who traveled far and wide to get here. We are happy to have been able to make your trip and fishing adventure as memorable and comfortable as possible. All the best wishes to the first time visitors and to the many returning guests. Lets see you up to the Haida Gwaii as soon as you can and relive another great fishing trip, guided by the best Salmon guides and the best Salmon fishing waters, and the best hospitality available. 

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